Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elli & Mama's Monthly Favorites {1 month}

monthly favorites - 1 month
Here are our one month favorites! This month was about keeping mama & baby comfy and getting to know each other. These all made our lives much easier!

1. Summer Infant SwaddleMe // found here & here
These have been so helpful! Keeping an infant in a swaddle at night is tough, I love using swaddle blankets during the day, but nothing beats the velcro catches on these at night. Unless your baby's Houdini this will keep them warm and swaddled all night.
2. Boppy pillow // found here & here
I bought my boppy at the Goodwill because both pillow and cover are washable! However, this was on my MUST-HAVE list from the beginning and I would have gladly paid full price. We have 3 covers for ours, but haven't had to change it. I only use it sometimes while nursing although it makes it so that I can nurse hands-free and eat a yogurt or check e-mail on my laptop at the same time. It's also been useful as a seat for Elli. When she was really tiny we'd set her in the middle with a rolled up flannel receiving blanket on each side, she hated laying down so this was perfect if I needed to fold laundry or get dressed.
3. Boppy waterproof changing pad liners // found here & here
We've hardly used a changing pad this month, but these liners make it so I'm comfortable changing the baby anywhere! She gets changed on the bed, on the couch, anywhere that's convenient and with these liners I don't have to worry about changing the bed linens if we have an accident. They run through the washer with her clothes or diaper laundry and the 3-pack is perfect if you have one main changing location. I would suggest 2 sets if you have two changing areas.
4. Sling // found here
I bought a Seven Sling with a free code (just pay shipping) on a whim long before Elli appeared. I bought a second one (a size up) at Value Village in Alaska! Both have been so handy. Elliot loves to be snuggled up against me and if we use this when we go out she almost always falls asleep. My mom bought one at a consignment store, we tried it on with E in the store and she fell asleep right away, this is such a nice way to be able to shop hands-free. I even baked cakes with E in it. (I took her out before putting anything in/taking out of the stove)
5. Nuk reusable nursing pads // found here & here
I LOVE these, anytime I nurse I leak on the other side and that can lead to a big mess. I bought two boxes of these and they are so convenient. They just run through the wash with my clothes and I've taken to wearing them with shelf-bra camis in lieu of a bra since I couldn't find a nursing bra that I liked (who puts padding in a nursing bra?!). Luckily, even while nursing, I don't need much more support than a shelf bra. Even using these in nursing bras is convenient so that you can change a pad instead of changing out your whole bra. I've only needed to use a disposable pad once or twice when I didn't have enough reusables in the diaper bag or they were all in the laundry.
6. Nursing cover // found here & here
The nursing cover that I have was a gift from my MIL, but it's been so nice. I have no problem just nursing the baby wherever/whenever, but for the sake of others (male relatives, college students, etc.) I try to use the nursing cover when I nurse in public. It's also nice because it shields Elliot from wind/rain/sun if I'm walking outside. This is so much more convenient than using a blanket to cover the baby which can easily fall. I love products that are somewhat multi-use.

~Sheridan, Mama Mainly

All of the views/opinions posted on this blog are my own. I was in no way compensated by any of the above companies for my reviews of their products. 

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