Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elli's month two update

It's midterm season at school which is why I've been absent this past week. After these month two updates (this one and a Mama/Baby favs post) we'll be caught up and onto real-time (ish) updates.

Elli at 2 months

Weight/Height:  10lbs 4oz, 22.75”

Hair & Eyes:  Elli’s hair is crazy! It keeps growing and we can now see some blonde in it. Sometimes it almost looks auburn. Her eyes are the same color as they were at birth and I have a feeling they’ll stay that way. They are gorgeous.

Diapers: I’m a lot more comfortable using cloth diapers now and so we try to do that most of the time. We use Kirkland 1/2 disposables at night and sometimes when we go out. We’re mostly using prefolds with covers, but I’m starting to shop for some pocket diapers or AI2s (covers with snap-in inserts). Elli does not like wearing a wet diaper so we change her often. This makes me really appreciate cloth because we would go through a lot of disposables otherwise.

E has grown out of pretty much everything newborn (there’s one 2-piece outfit that will fit, but not over cloth diapers). Some 0-3s are still too big which seems crazy, but most fit pretty well. Old navy has ruffle butt pants that fit better than any others that she has so those get worn the most.

Not much has changed in this department. At about 6 weeks Elli started taking bottles. At first it was while I had to go to the dentist (and once when Mom and Dad had a date!), as a warm-up for when I started classes. Once school started Elli started staying with Grammy Hopie or Nana for about 3 hour stretches, once on M/W and twice on T/Th. She has bottles to take during that time, but doesn’t always need one. When she does take one she’ll eat from 3-6oz.

Elliot’s sleeping habits are getting better and better, we almost always are able to sleep for 5 hours straight and sometimes it’s a full 7-9. She usually goes to sleep between 8 and 10 and doesn’t wake up until 4-5, sometimes later. After her morning meal she still usually falls back asleep for about 3 hours.

Milestones:  This month Elli got to meet her Nana (Dad’s mom) who came home from New Zealand. She also got to celebrate a lot of birthdays, most importantly her daddy’s. Her first trip to Seattle happened on her 1-month birthday for her Hopie’s birthday, she was pretty good in the car for the 2 hours each way. The last 30 min on the way down was a little tough because she wanted to eat. About a week later we took a trip to Bremerton for my cousin’s wedding. We rode with my dad and he decided we should take the ferry which worked out so well for Elliot, she was able to eat in the middle of what would have been a 4 hour car ride. She ate through the wedding and then was able to hang out with lots of family. She’s started to do the ‘social smile’ this month and it just melts my heart! She also learned how to coo and babble, she especially loves to “talk” to her daddy, it’s so sweet. 

~Sheridan, Mama Mainly

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