Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'd really like to start this blog with Elliot's birth story, however, I need to look at what I've written and potentially edit it because right now it's very long. Instead I'll start with a fun monthly tracker that I've seen a lot of blogging mamas use. Here is Elliot's info. at birth, I'll post 1 month tomorrow and hopefully her birth story soon after that!

Elli at Birth

Weight/Height:  8 lbs, 19”

Hair & Eyes: Dark brown, grey/blue (sometimes purple)

Diapers: Pampers swaddlers newborn

newborn and some small 0-3, a lot still just looks big on her

all the time. Elliot has been pro at nursing since day 1. She likes to eat every 2-3 hours and hardly ever spits up.

Elli’s sleep habits are pretty standard for a newborn, she wakes up about every 3 hours in the night to eat and naps off and on throughout the day.

Milestones:  First Elli was born! She learned to nurse right away and we had no problems heading home (after 24 hrs at the hospital) and getting accustomed to things there. Everyone who meets her just adores Elliot and she is capturing hearts left and right.
Her first trip out was at 5 days, we went to Target and she did so well (sleeping in the sling) that we walked through the mall as well. 

~Mama Mainly

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